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Help with a light plan? Free light advice! Art4Light is the authority when it comes to light design!

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You are looking for a energy efficient and atmospheric light plan that fits your taste?

Light advice

Our light advisors design light plans in a bold and clear manner. Sometimes the construction has yet to start, then light points are easy to realize. But also for existing situations our light architects design beautiful light plans. Initially we make everything clear, through an AutoCAD drawing. Below we show a example from such a lighting AutoCAD drawing witch has as result the picture above;

Example of lighting design in a living room;

Autocad drawing for a light plan

Example from a light plan in a kitchen;

Kitchen lighting

Light advice for a kitchen

Because 'light' is not only our profession but also our hobby Art4Light light designs will always distinguish. Our lighting designers for this purpose also work with Photoshop techniques. Below is a great example. Left the original picture, then the gummed out light fitting, and then our virtual presentation and the result. Art4Light is the only light specialist who works this way!

Example of lighting design in a Vide or Staircase;

Fotoshop voorbeeld 1      

Each room is treated separately when creating a lighting plan. Only then we look at the overall picture to be 100% sure that the total light image is functional and also that it has the right atmosphere. Art4Light is not the light studio that mounts your ceiling full of recessed spotlights. That's ugly, uncomfortable and especially 'too easy'. We will email you with proposals that sometimes fulfill immediately your wishes, but sometimes do not! Together with you our lighting specialists aim to experience the ultimate moment after entering your home or office again and again! We also make outdoor lighting plans because we see that as an extension of your home.

Example of lighting design in garden or terrace

Outside lighting

garden lighting in snow

Art4Light also advises lighting systems for office or workplace. An energy efficient or even carbon neutral office is becoming more and more popular! Below is an example of office lighting that we have brought into balance using the latest LED lighting techniques. Equivalent to a proper temperature and humidity a well thought-out light concentration has a positive impact on you and your colleagues!

Example of lighting plan for office and workplace

lightplan office

A lighting plan for shops and restaurants is a profession in itself! Often a shop owner wants to highlight a shop window lighting with playful energy LED spotlights, while the store itself must be in full light. In a light advice for restaurants it is important that light and subtle atmosphere flow into one another. 

Example of light designe in shops and restaurants

light design in a shoe shop

Light advice in a restaurant

Remote information

Art4Light has a computer system that you can watch without any software or password during consultation sessions. It happens often that we must conduct an enlightening conversation. Our lighting consultant lets you see immediately during the phone conversation what he or she means. This system works through a for you and for us 100% secure connection! On our homepage, you can activate the system by clicking on the icon advice at a distance ', but only after we have released the ‘screen leap 'system on our side.

Light control systems Domotica, Funk and Enet

Art4Light has a separate showroom on the first floor where we show you light scene techniques. We design normed lighting control systems and recommend reliable Funk or Enet systems. For a simple lighting plan Casambi is a nice variation. Within the first round of transferring information this can be an point of interest, our technicians know to tell you all about it. The guiding principle is that we strive to ensure that you can keep control a lamp manually.

Free light advice

We give free advice on light in our showroom during our regular opening hours. Advice on lighting can often be illuminating because you can also see many examples in our showroom. In principle, there is no timespan for free lighting advice provided reasonable. If it appears that the light advice is very comprehensive sometimes our light advisor suggests to proceeding by making a detailed lighting plan.

How much does a lighting plan cost?

Making a lighting plan is a lot of work, even if it concerns a small house or office. A lighting plan begins in our showroom with free light advice whereby we discuss the possibilities. If you agree, we ask you to pay a(modest) fee for a detailed lighting plan. This amount is discounted using each time 10% discount when purchasing products. This discount is valid for a period of one year. While developing the lighting plan our lighting showroom is especially for you open 7 days a week (by arrangement)so that you can look around in and discuss the ideas presented to you. You can find companies that immediately make you alighting plan free of charge? Then you definitely will not get the attention and the light effect you're looking for. Those are companies that designate a few lights and indicate the a few recessed spotlights on an A4 paper with a brief outline.

Quickly create a lighting plan?

Depending on location and size of the light study we can help very quickly. Our slogan; 'The client never waits for Art4Light, Art4Light always waits for the client'.

Doubts about a light advice?

You still have doubts? See below our guestbook where many of our customers have freely expressed their views!(most Dutch) The pictures above are from our own light realizations. If you want to see more of our projects you can click 'Installation examples' below or view more pictures via 'portfolio'.

Showroom art4light Uithoorn

Showroom first floor;
Showroom art4light first floor

Showroom ground level