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Dear visitor,
As supplement to her 350 m2 spectacular showroom, Art4Light offers you a virtual internetservice for free. This service makes it possible for one of our advisors to help you
find your way throught the often complex structure of lightsystems, rail- or tenstion wired systems. From behind your own desk you look with our advisor live to the various
examples and items. Meantime you are being informed by phone by this advisor. This service is only possible after you have contected us and we make free one of our highres
monitors for you. After the monitor is made free you are only one mouseclick away and our advisor can guide you through the whole website as if you where a guest in our
showroom. This service is approachable, do you have a question about a small lamp? Call us. Do you have a question about a complete lighting plan? Call us.

In case you wish to make use of this service call or mail us in advance. Get yourself a glass of wine and get behind you screen and we will show you all the options.
We have an over 30-thousand pictures- and articledatabase, all in the highest resolution.

Do you wish to be informed with multiple persons from multiple locations? No problem! As extra service we can also hold a Conference call by using telephone number:
020-2620975, very confinent when you architect, advisor or installer wants to have look as well. Art4Light advisors are also trained electrotechnicians and are therefore
able to tell you everything about, dimming, Domotica, Jung Funk and so on. The link with your screen is 100% safe. We can not reach your computer and you can
not reach ours. You only look from a distance with one of our advisors.

We can offer you this service throughout the whole week, that means 7 days!

Click on the Globe to make virtual contact with our website and our available monitor. Enjoy!

We help you to make the right decision. We are able to make a vitual presentation of almost all lamps in our collection by using photoshop.
Below a controversial example of this technic. The lamp was not there yet, we drove to our customer and made a picture and then our light-architect
photoshopped the lamp in the picture. This service is not always for free.

It often happens that people send us pictures of their situation. After conculting, often by phone, about their wishes we make a presentation as per below; 

Architects we support to inspire their customers by informing them via Auto-Cad. Below on the left you see a staircase we dressed up with lamps. It is often difficult for
a buyer to picture the endresult, so we place a picture of an already finished project next to the Cad-drawing to make it more visual.

To make it easier for you we make serveral porposals, as you can see below. We are curious: What would your choice be?