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General terms and conditions 2015 of delivery Art4Light webshop

1. Application
1.1 These General terms and conditions of delivery are applicable to offers, orders and agreements. Previous or other
      Terms are therefor excluded.

1.2. At the moment of ordering an offer you accept these Terms.
1.3. Deviation from these Terms can only be made in writing and in agreement with Art4Light, whereby all other terms
       will be inforced without prejudice.
1.4. All rights and claims of these Terms are also persued by third parties.

2. Offer and acceptation
2.1 All prices of Art4Light are optional. Art4Light preserves the right to change prices or to correct the prices of wrongly
      priced offers.
2.2 The order of a wrongly prices article can be refused by Art4Light. After concultation, the buyer is given the option to
      reclaim any payments that have been made.
2.3 An agreement with Art4Light is valid after acceptance of you order. Art4Light has the right to refuse an order or attach
      conditions to the delivery. In case an offer has been refused Art4Light will confirm to the buyer within 10 workingdays.

3. Pricing and payment
3.1 Unless otherwise indicated, the prices of products and services are in Euro’s including VAT and excluding freightcost.
3.2 Payment will be done NET without discount or compensation.
3.3 Payment can be made in a way suggested at the time of purchase.
3.4 You have the obligation to collect and pay the goods you ordered within 7 days after you have been informed of their arrival.

4. Delivery
4.1 Deliverytimes can differ per product. Exceeding the forcasted delivery time gives no right to compensation, and is no
      reason to cancel the purchase agreement, unless this time overrun is reasonably unacceptable.
4.2 Delivery is made till the frontdoor, whereby vertical transport (other then with an elevator ment for persons and big enough
      for delivery) is excluded.
4.3 Incase Art4Light estimates that transport is a risk, Art4Light holds the right to suggest other then standard means of transport.
      These cost will be charged to the buyer.

5. Claims and Liability
5.1 When items are deliverd to you, you are obliged to check the parcel and it’s contence to make sure it has reached you intact.
      In case of a discrepancies you will have to address the courier and have him/her make a note on the, now often digital,
      delivery note. After this you need to inform Art4Light of the damage immediately.
5.2 Art4Light has the option to replace the item or refund the payment. The buyer has the obligation to send the goods to
      Art4Light whereby Art4Light will refund the transportcost.
5.3 Within this agreement you away from the dutch law “sale on distance” (koop op afstand) which intales that you cannot
     return purchased items. The assumption is that products you purchase are known to you, either by seen them in our
     showroom or elswhere.
5.4 On all products factory warranty is given in accordance with the terms of our suppliers.
6. Ownership
6.1 Ownership is transferred to the buyer after signing for receipt whereby all amounts owed to Art4Light are or have been paid.

7. Transfer of information
7.1 Art4Light is not liable for miscommunication between you and Art4Light due to information send via internet or other means of
      communication unless there is gross negligence on the part of Art4Light.

8. Force Majeure
8.1 In case of force majeure Art4Light holds the right to cancel the agreement without intervention of the Law.
8.2 Force majeure means shortcomings that can not be blamed on Art4Light as they are not her fault.

9. Miscellanious
9.1 In case Art4Light deviates from these terms for a certain period of time no rights can be drawn from this period.
9.2 Art4Light practices the utmost accuracy in controlling her website, however in case there are inaccuracies in the information of the items
      Art4Light can not be held responsible for the consequence. This is also applies to links that refer to websites of third parties, as we have no
      influence on the provision of information on these websites.