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Casambi ready LEDcode BLE radio van EldoLed BT-L2C1

This Bluetooth transmitter receiver is connected to 1 of the EldoLed drivers. You can choose various profiles. Contrary to what you may be used to, you cannot change the profiles in the Casambi app itself, the profile is determined by the choice you make during the purchase. This so-called "radio" has a external antenna.

Choice of profile;
ID 5400; 1 channel dim.
ID 5402; 2 channels dim.
ID 5403; Tunable White.

It is therefore important that you first select your driver and then the radio. Afterwards we program the set for you and deliver it.

Meer informatie aanvragen
6: Barcode Art4Light; BT-L2C1-39-CAS
Your order code;
EldoLed radio L2C1 / 5400 (1 channel)
EldoLed radio L2C1 / 5402 (2 channels)
EldoLed radio L2C1 / 5403 (Tunable white)