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Dalcnet DLX 1224-4CC Casambi Bluetooth driver

This Dalcnet Constant Current Casambi driver is available in 2 currents namely 350mA and 500mA. It is therefore important to know which one you are ordering because you cannot change the amperage on location. The connection voltage may be 12VDC or 24VDC, which choice does affect the connection capacity. Please open the PDF for the corresponding capabilities. There are various profiles for the mAmp driver, such as RGB + W or Tunable White or just 4 single dimming channels, keeping in mind that you are leaving with mili-Amperes up to a maximum of 48 watts. Maximum cable length to your consumers; 10 meters.

Pay attention; in the PDF and also below is information that could appear that the output could be converted from CC (Constant current) to CV (Constant Voltage), it is not. So you really buy a dedicated CC for LEDs (this article) or a CV for LED strips that comes with LED strip drivers.

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6: Barcode Art4Light; RTW-99-CUC
Your order code; DLX 1224 4CC350
                         DLX 1224 4CC500

Dalcnet DLX 1224-4CC... is displayed as standard in the Casambi app;

Available profiles for DLX 1224-4CC van Dalcnet;