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Casambi EldoLed DUALdrive 560/A Tunable White DL0560A3

Be careful; To make this driver 'Casambi-ready' you need to choose a so-called "Casambi-radio". You will find the radios as the last article in the product field. For this driver choose profile 5403 (Tunable White). If you buy this driver without a radio, you only have the DALI input available.

This 50 Watt Tunable White LED driver has 2 outputs, 1 for the warm color and 1 for the cold color. The minimum dimming power can be reduced to no less than 0.1%. After we know your wishes regarding, among other things, the desired current, we configure the driver here for you. The amperage may be between 150mA and 1400mA with the voltage per channel between 1.5 and 55V. The driver can even be used in movie recording studios because flicker-free operation is guaranteed.


You can work with quite long wires from the driver to the LED load, depending on the core cross section;
2 x 0,5 / up to 14 meter
2 x 0,8 / up to 22 meter
2 x 1,0 / up to 28 meter
2 x 1,5 / up to 36 meter

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10; Barcode Art4Light; ELDO-TW50-59-CAS
Your order code; ELDO-LED-DUALTW-50