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TCI / DC Maxi Jolly SV Casambi / 127645 / 50W CC driver

TCI Casambi CC driver. The secondary starting voltage is very low (10V), which means that you can work properly even with little load. Below are the mAmp values ​​that you can set;

The output characteristic of this TCI driver is based on the AM principle (Amplitude Modulation) and therefore you can even connect Dim-to-Warm light sources. Thanks to this method of control, the cable length from the driver to the light sources may also be long, but no flicker of the LED can be detected. Below are some examples of conductor cross-sections recommended by TCI in relation to distance and current;

The orange photo on the left shows an example of how you can work; multiple LED light sources (in this case Ecco Twin from LDM / 700mA) in series and place the drivers somewhere above the ceiling!                     

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9: Barcode Art4Light; TCI-53-SV
Your order code; TCI-Maxi-Jolly-SV 

This driver is SELV 60V which means that the output voltage can never be higher than 60V.