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Dalcnet DLX-1224-4CV ledstrip controller

This Dalcnet Casambi actor is connected to a 24 V-DC power supply. For example, you can connect LED strips to the output. The remarkable thing about this actor is that 4 potential-free push-buttons can be connected to it. These are freely configurable in the Casambi app. You can also link the push buttons to other Casambi actors.

Pay attention; in the PDF and also below is information that might look like the output could be converted from CV (Constant Voltage) to CC (Constant curent), which is not the case. So you really buy a dedicated resume for LED strips (this article) or a CC for mAmp outputs that comes with mili-amp drivers.

Supply voltage; 12-24VDC.
Maximum current per channel; 5A
Maximum total current; 10A (distributed over the outputs)
See PDF for details

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5: Barcode Art4Light; DALC-99-RGB
Your order code; DLX-1224-4CV

DLX-1224-4CV is displayed as standard in the Casambi app;

Available profiles for DLX-1224-CV;