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Drees Ledstrip driver RGBW voor Casambi

This LED strip driver is connected to a 24VDC power supply. The total power that may be connected is 250W, but note; you may not load more than 5A per channel. There are multiple profiles available in the Casambi App. We show some profile changes in the column.

Optionally, this driver is supplied with 5 wires to which you can connect 4 push-buttons that you freely assign in the Casambi app. This option costs € 12 (threads are approximately 15 cm long). Driver dimensions 123x39x18 mm

Meer informatie aanvragen
7: Barcode Art4Light; DREES-69-RGB
Your order code; Drees-RGBW-CV
                    Optional wires for push-buttons (+ € 12)

Drees RGBW is displayed as standard in the Casambi app;

Available profiles for Drees RGBW;