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Bertronic Dimmer 4 CH Casambi

Casambi Ledstrip dimmer 12-48VDC

Micro Casambi LED strip driver that you can place in devices or blow dry in a 3M heat shrink tubing. Various profiles are available and a loose wire antenna is soldered to the print, this is not shown and of course you will not cut it. You can charge up to 9A on '1 channel profile' on that channel, but if, for example, you choose '4 channel', connect a maximum of 2A per channel, see PDF for all details.

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5: Barcode Art4Light; GHT-79-RDF
Your order code; Dimmer 4CH Bertronic

Bertronic Dimmer 4 CH is displayed as standard in the Casambi app;

Available profiles for Bertronic Dimmer Casambi 4CH;