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Casambi Clock Backup

Casambi actors all know the entire network, so there is a high degree of certainty that in the event of a power failure of groups or dimmers, all other participants will continue to work as usual. Assuming that you add a clock command to the network, this command is therefore included in the switching actuator and will continue to execute autonomously the commands you have entered, even if this actor is the only one left in the network. The current time is also known in the actor, however, if the actor is disconnected from the supply voltage (or there is a power failure) then the actor (and the entire network) no longer know the current time and therefore your clock commands cannot carried out more. Assuming you are in the network with your smart device (with the Casambi app active) when the power is restored, the network or the single actor will receive the correct time again from your smart device. This also applies if you have set up the Holders Gateway in your home or office. However, there is still a possibility to provide your Casambi network with the current time after the mains voltage has returned and these are 1 of the Casambi units below that have a 'power reserve' of a number of hours.