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Dalcnet ADC-1248-4CH-Casambi

Remarkable unit from Dalcnet that has no less than four 0-10V separately adjustable outputs. Each output also has a relay output that switches the 230V driver off at 0% control, which is important because 0-10V drivers often do not let the LED go out completely at 0% control. You can supply this unit with 12, 24 or 48VDC whereby you select the relay at the same voltage as the supply voltage. You will also see a 'Dimmer' controller above the four dim controllers 'CH1 0 / 1-10V - Realay1', this will set all 4 dimmers to 0% at 0% and cause the relay outputs to drop. But if you control this 'main' dimmer, the 4 dim channels will not send higher than the currently set value. Illustrative; in the photo shown the 'main' dimmer is set to 100%, while output 1 remains at 67%. You can of course operate all dimmers separately at any time. The 'main' dimmer has an added value that if you do not wish to use it, it is best to remain at 100%.

Dalcnet ADC-1248-4CH also has 4 inputs to which you can connect push buttons that are freely programmable in the Casambi App. This actor can be placed on a DIN rail.

This driver is multifunctional and can also switch the four outputs without having to operate dimmers, which is why you will also find this unit in the 'ON-OFF CONTACTS' group.

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Dalcnet ADC1248-4CH-CASAMBI is displayed as standard in the Casambi app;

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