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Casambi CBU-ASD omvormer naar DALI, 0-10V enz.

A small but very functional Casambi actor who can generate numerous signals and can for example create 1 on 1 situations with a Dali driver. This Casambi unit is supplied as 0-10V as standard. Below you can see all available profiles. We have only a few modified profiles in the column.

Tip; a frequently asked question is about the 0 (1) -10V output. This is 0 volts at 0% dimming. Many drivers, however, do not completely switch off the LED lamp (s) and that is the purpose of the ASD auxiliary contact, with that contact you can (via a relay) drop the driver of the 230V at 0% output.

Tip; if you set this unit to DALI, and no Dali devices are connected, "configuration error" will appear after a while. This is because ASD tries to make contact on the bus and therefore does not succeed. You can convert profiles without outgoing wiring, but after conversion you connect the bus so that ASD can give away addresses.

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6: Barcode Art4Light; CBU-42-ASD
Your order code; ASD

Attention; below is a YouTube video with an explanation about CBU-ASD (Dutch spoken / sorry);

is displayed as standard in the Casambi app;

Available profiles for CBU-ASD;