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Lichtteam LIGA.AIR.DALI.1K.1T.240

This strong 120mA Casambi actor can drive up to 60 Dali-Drivers, but please note; all at once. The actor is connected to 230V and is sealed with epoxy resin, so the IP value is 65. It is noteworthy that this Casambi DALI actuator also has an input to connect a push-button and thus a dimming function is available locally. The wires may be considered SELV because the input for this push button is galvanically isolated from the 230V with either thin wires to the switch.

See PDF for full details.

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X; Barcode Art4Light; DLI-109-KTZ
Your order code; Dali-1K-1T-240

Dali.1K.1T.240 is displayed as standard in the Casambi app;

There are no other profiles available for this unit