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Holders Gateway for Casambi

In the Casambi app you can very easily - temporarily or permanently - open a very secure gateway. This means that you allow someone to access your network outside of your home to be able to operate lights or, for example, have your electrician service performed, such as adjusting a minimum dimming value if you do not want to do this yourself. At that time, your own telephone is the device that acts as a gateway and establishes the connection. However, it may happen that you want to operate your lights from the outside when you are on vacation or that there is an unattended building where you want to switch lamps. There are then 2 options for establishing a gateway connection;

A) for example, leaving an I-pad at home, or perhaps a disused smartphone. This will then make the connection from the Casambi cloud to your Bluetooth Mesh network.

B) Use a Holders gateway that can then have a permanent place in, for example, the meter cupboard.

You can describe an active Gateway connection as follows;

Example 1) You have chosen a Holders Gateway in your home.
A) Holders are powered with a supplied 230Volt adapter.
B) Holders must be connected to; AND / OR a LAN cable with your LAN modem AND / OR with your WIFI network AND / OR a 4G network such as eg KPN. In this way there is an internet connection.
C) Holders connects to Bluetooth in its environment and thus to your Casambi network.

Example; During the installation of Holders in your Casambi network you opened the gateway under 'configuration settings'. You are at your holiday address and have internet connection on your phone. You open the Casambi app and log in to your own network. A connection is then automatically made via the Casambi cloud to Holders who is also available on the Internet at home. Since Holders sees your Casambi Bluetooth network, you can switch and dim lamps anywhere in the world in your home.