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Enocean Easyfit Casambi Bluetooth wall switch (Mpress)


These switches do not require a flush-mounted box, no battery and no 230V! Easyfit generates its own energy every time you press a button. The transmission power that is generated is just enough to send switching commands but also to be able to dim. Easyfit from EnoCean can perfectly participate in frameworks from other suppliers such as, for example, JUNG-AS500WW (color corresponds to WW), but there are many other brands that they fit into such as; BERKER S1, B1, B3, B7 Glass, or GIRA Standard55, E2, Event, Esprit or JUNG A500, Aplus or MERTEN M-Smart, M-Arc, M-Plan. A self-adhesive foil is included in the delivery, so you can even stick the switch on glass.

With the profiles you can choose different faceplates which in turn evoke a different effect in the Casambi app, see below. You will receive both faceplates within the delivery.

Attention; This type of keypad can only be linked to Casambi networks via a telephone with NFC.

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8; Barcode Art4Light; ENOC-59-EAN
Your order code; Mpress

Enocean Easyfit Mpress is displayed in the switch field in the app;

Available profiles for Enocean Mpress Easifit (faceplates);