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Electron Casambi Bluetooth Din Rail dimmer DMR733

Bluetooth dimmer from Electron Greece

350 VA dimmer that can be placed on a DIN-RAIL in (for example) the meter cupboard. TIP; We recommend that you place a final support between the modules in connection with heat dissipation. If this is not possible, return the power to a 200VA. Please consult the PDF below for use. Size; 90x36x58mm Tip; the 0 connection terminals of this unit are internally connected. You may therefore use the outgoing 0, but you do not necessarily have to use the 0 in the central box.

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7: Barcode Art4Light; ELEC-99-DIM
Your order code; Electron dimmer DMR733 350VA

Electron DMR733 is displayed as standard in the Casambi app;