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Vadsbo LD220WCM built-in dimmer

Domotica LED dimmer Casambi

200 watt dimmer that can be placed under a push button. In this way you have a fully-fledged single-surface dimmer that is also included in the Casambi network. You can keep your own switching material because every brand supplies push-button printers. A push button is nothing more than a normal switch only with a spring contact.

Tip; Suppose you have no space in the wall box, then you place this unit in the central box or in the lamp itself. You can then simply replace the switch for a push button and then connect the black wire to the S-contact in the central box. You can also use that trick if you do not have a 0-wire in the wall box and cannot pull it there either.

Tip; You can, of course, also use this unit without a push button and simply include it in the Casambi network.

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6: Barcode Art4Light; LD220-49-WCM
Your order code; LD220WCM

Vadsbo LD220WCM
is displayed as standard in the Casambi app;

Available profiles for VD220WCM;

By default, LD220WCM is set as 'LD220WCM', which means that the dimming curve is logarithmic or; the lamp will slowly dim from 0% and will dim faster and faster during operation.

"LD220WCM Halogen"; kind of weird name because what Vadsbo means by this is that the dimming curve becomes linear, so every dimmer adjustment has the same percentage adjustment from 0 to 100%.

"LD220WCM onoff"; You see the normal dim slider in the lamp field, but you can only get between 0% and 100%. So if you dim back from 100% nothing will happen until you reach 0% and the lamp turns off. This function is sometimes used to simulate 'a switch'. That works, but beware that you respect the dimmer's power rating. It is better if possible to place a Casambi 'on-off contact'. The function

'LD220WCM Switch' causes the unit to disappear in the switch field of the Casambi app where you can assign the S-contact (push button) to other functions such as a lamp, a scene etc.