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Vadsbo VD220WCM built-in bluetooth rotary dimmer

Domotica Bluetooth rotary dimmer 200 Watt

This dimmer comes with 2 single frames and knobs as standard. You can click the inside of these covers and use switches in various brands. The nice thing is that the dimmer registers how fast you turn. If you just turn the dimmer, it also just act slow, but if you give a short fast turn, the light reacts more violently!

Tip; You can have the S-contact operate other lights in the app by connecting a push-button according to the diagram. For example, the push button is next to the dimmer, but can also be located on the other side of the room, anything is possible!

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6: Barcode Art4Light; VD220-59-WCM
Your order code; VD220WCM

Vadsbo VD220WCM
is displayed as standard in the Casambi app;

Available profiles for VD220WCM;

By default VD220WCM is set as 'VD220WCM', which means that the dimming curve is logarithmic or; the lamp will slowly dim from 0% and will dim faster and faster during operation.

"VD220WCM Halogen"; kind of weird name because what Vadsbo means by this is that the dimming curve becomes linear, so every dimmer adjustment has the same percentage adjustment from 0 to 100%.

The function 'VD220WCM Rotary Switch' causes the unit to disappear in the switch field of the Casambi app where you can assign the rotary switch as well as the S-contact (push button) to other functions such as a lamp, a scene etc.