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Dalcnet ADC-1248-4CH-Casambi

Remarkable unit from Dalcnet that has no less than four separately controllable realais outputs. You may supply this unit with 12, 24 or 48VDC, selecting the relays at the same voltage as the supply voltage.

Dalcnet ADC-1248-4CH also has 4 inputs to which you can connect pushbuttons that are freely programmable in the Casambi App.

This driver is multifunctional and can also dim the four outputs, which is why you will also find this unit in the group 'inverters'. This actuator can be placed on a DIN rail.

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5; Barcode Art4Light: ADC-129-VVVV
Your orde code; ADC-1248-4CH

Dalcnet ADC1248-4CH-CASAMBI is displayed as standard in the Casambi app;

Available profiles for Dalcnet ADC12248;