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Ropag Casambi Casa Rollo for blinds

This Ropag switching actuator can operate sun blinds, patio covers, etc. by offering 230V contacts. The motors must therefore have two wires; a 230V 'up' wire and a 230V 'down' wire. Casa Rollo from Ropag also has two 230V inputs. You could use this to connect two pushbuttons locally, with which you can also control the sun blinds via an 'element' link in the Casambi network, but you can also have these pushbuttons do other things such as recalling a scene or give an 'all off' command that not only extinguishes your lights but also increases the sun protection. Provided you have Somfy motors or from another supplier, we can usually offer a solution in the Casambi network, on request.

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Casa Rolo van Ropag is displayed as standard in the Casambi app;

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