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Eulum MOAC-E-CSB-1 Casambi Bluetooth switch for blinds

Eulum developed a blind switch for the Casambi network. MOAC-E-CSB-1 has a slider that can be calibrated based on time. So you can enter how long it will take for your sun protection, pool cover or electric curtains to walk from open to closed. Afterwards you can, for example, use the slider to close your curtain for 60%. Your motor must have wiring that is connected to 230V, and you can continue to use your own open-close control in the wall if desired. Of course, this Eulum switch can be included in scenes so that if you give an 'all off' command, for example, you can also close your curtains to 100%.

Tip; if you have eg Somfy motors or from another supplier, we can usually offer a solution in the Casambi network, on request. (usually additional cost; € 65)

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