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LigaAIr REL240-T13 / Lichtteam

Handy Casambi cord with a Casambi on-off switch. You can of course operate this switch in the app as well as linked keypads in the network, but there is also a small push button on the switch that you can use to keep your lamp on and off locally. The plug and coupling plug are from the Swiss system. We can put a different cord on it for you, in which case a 2-core cord with no grounding is chosen, and on the other side there is a cord with an excess length of 100 cm without a coupling plug, which costs € 25 extra. This other cord comes in the color of the switch.

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5; Barcode Art4Light; T13-109-LT
Your order code;   T13 / black
                           T13/ white
                           T13 / different cord (€ +25,-)

Lichtteam REL240.T13 is displayed as standard in the Casambi app;

There are no other profiles available for LIGAair REL240 T13