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Repeater Casambi Donut

This very powerful and effective Casambi repeater can be placed both indoors and outdoors and is connected to 24V-DC (power supply not included). Outside, you can place this ip65 repeater freestanding and on a pole of 100cm from the ground. The effective distance is not predictable and should be determined based on the experience gained. In some cases, you place more repeaters. If you are going to place on the fence, you must do this on a bracket so that the repeater is at some distance from the wall. All Casambi components are included in the housing. You should always keep the cable at the bottom because the antenna effect is optimal. The antenna effect occurs completely around the repeater, and you could imagine it as a 'donut';

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7; Barcode Art4Light; REP-99-MATH
Uw bestelcode; REP-Casambi-donut

maten in mm;

Frequency; 2400 - 2500 MHz
V.S.W.R; 1.5:1
Band with; 100MHz
Gain; 2.5 dbi
Polarisation; Vertical (effect; horizontal)
Max. Power input; 50W
Impedance; 50 Ohm

Size; see drawing
Weight; <250g
Cable; see drawing (1 meter)
Housing; black ABS
Mount; see drawing M12x1

Working temperature; -40/+80 Celcius
Waterproof; 100%
Humidity; 98-100% RH
Wind speed; max 200Km/h