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Casambi Bluetooth sensors.

All sensors shown below always measure 2 things for you, namely movement and light intensity (lux). Both can be read in the app and you can also use it separately, for example you can choose to use only movement, or only the lux value or both. Below the icons we explain something else.

Vanaf hier staan de
IP-20 sensoren
(niet waterdicht)
Vanaf hier staan de
IP-44 sensoren
(redelijk waterdicht)
Vanaf hier staan de
IP65 sensoren
A nice way of measuring brightness (Lux) is, for example, to drill the very small SP sensors from Lichtteam (SwissPir) into a desk penetration. The Lux value is then displayed in the Casambi app, and you can, for example, create a scene; "500 Lux on desk". You can then link this scene in the Casambi app to, for example, your lamps in the ceiling. The Sensor from SwissPir will then wirelessly correct the ceiling lights and in this way a 500 Lux value will be created on your desk. The speed with which this happens, the permitted deviation, etc. are all set with ease in your Casambi app.