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Over Art4Light
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Welcome to Art4Light

With Art4Light we have implemented a new concept. Just outside the beautifull center
of Amstelveen Art and Light may meet eachother. Our showroom is fully airconditioned
and parking is free. 

  On the outside there are 4 buttons. With these you can activate the lamps yourself.
They stay on for 2 minutes. This system is
only active outside our opening hours.
In the showoom we have 3 touchpanels
With these you can turn lamps on and off.
This is surprising as well as energy saving.

Our collection is wide and daring and varies from a simple lamp to
extravagant chandeliers. Our concept is advanced and modern, however
when it comes to service  and aftersales we are very old fashioned. 
In our indoor courtyard we present outdoorlights that withstand the
Dutch climat.


Home accessories and Gifts

Apart from lighting home accessories and Gifts take a prominent place with Art4Light.
On the page Art4Gifts it's explained how you can select a present which then will be send
to a relation or a loved one.  "A home accessory can always be a gift, however a home
accessory appears not always to be a present".


There is no argueing about taste, at Art4Light you can also obtain a voucher. Upon request
this voucher can also be send by mail or email. But ofcourse you are always welcome to collect it
yourself at our showroom!



We are always looking for inspiring and groundbreaking objects to be added to our Art collection.
These are among others made out of composite, stainless steel, cupper, bronze,petrified wood and glass.
We often let the Glass objects participate in an enchanting game of light.  On the Art page we offer you
the opportunity to see the objects from all sides.
Info on rotationtachnique. 


Upon request lamps can be installed on location. Installation conditions.


Lighting in a home or office is very determing for the atmosphere as well as the functionality;
Light can make or break an Interior. That is why a solid lightplan is no luxury. Before issueing
such a plan we visit you, if possible, on location. Not only do we advise about the lighting but
we also make a plan on a technical level in which we explain how you could dimm, switch the
lights (sometimes wireless).


Opening hours

Refer to our homepage